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Statement of intention

If I would describe my work with one word, that would be uncomfortable. Through my practice, I intent to discuss things generally people rather not. I was one of these children with tones of questions; that didn’t change much as I grew up. I like to know how things work, what are the mechanics that make the world tik and my way is by questioning the normalities we have been indoctrinated in.

My work is defiantly anthropocentric, focusing on behaviours and social dynamics. Whilst trying to identify my place within the ever-shifting social exchanges I can’t help but observe the contraptions and personas we invent to fit into a prescribed normality and excuse ourselves from the ongoing issues our societies carry. I am interested in our elusiveness and isolation from public involvement, whilst we operate amidst a bombardment of networks and social platforms.

I am particularly intrigued by the false pretence of self-righteousness and entitlement, which has become exacerbated through the online platforms we use.  My work ranges from humorous social commentary to a floating recording of subliminal thoughts. 

Unsettling yet other times playful, symbolic or direct my artworks are an invitation to exchange thoughts and viewpoints on the binaries that resonate between our self and our role within social environments.

I am classically trained; however, I am also an active explorer of boundaries and limitations as my work is a reaction. I like to experiment with multiple art forms such as painting, art installations, drawing, sculpture, video and craft.

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