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Undertaking a series of diverse studies provided me with the flexibility to experiment with multiple art forms such as drawing, painting, sculpture, video and installations. The use of different mediums, in most cases is rather spontaneous than intentional, and it is mainly determined by the idea for a project or an artwork.


Although it feels that I should adapt the name ‘Jack of all trades but master of none’, I wouldn’t change the freedom of expression I feel knowing that I don’t have to translate and restrict any of my ideas to one medium and I enjoy the challenge of learning something new and finding new ways to combine different disciplines.

The main influence of my work is the binaries that resonate between the self and its role within social environments. Focusing on the increase of isolation of public involvement whilst we interact and communicate with a wider circle of people through online platforms and networks, my work explores and comments on our place within the current socio-political and environmental issues.


Observations, stories and testimonies, personal experiences and global news fuel my work, as I am interested in examining the dynamics that form social relationships, current political and economical affairs and shape our environmental consciousness. My work documents the findings of this examination and aims to construct a platform for discussion and stimulate reflection on current issues.

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