Jigsaw Puzzle game

Froso Papadimitriou & Sara Karin Fisher

A participatory puzzle for a fundraising event towards an artist run space. The visitors were given a piece of the puzzle to draw and paint on it.


When all pieces were filled the puzzle was assembled on the wall and the visitors were encourage to continue adding more drawings and colours. 

This project was made for the minesweeper benefit in 2016

Secrets in a bottle…

Froso Papadimitriou, Josh Plough and Teresa


Based on the definition of community as “a social unit of any size that shares common values”, this project looked at the often convoluted social exchanges and relationships between the different members of a close community.

Does a secret remain a secret once it’s told? This project explores the paths of communications and the way that thoughts/beliefs/agreements and disagreements circulate within a commune and how they shape the conditions and roles of its members.

Using the ephemeral way of communication with a message in a bottle, we created a metaphor of how secrets within close communities can circulate, in cases randomly and uncontrolled, like a bottle in the ocean that’s course is unpredictable. In addition the physicality of the action of writing, which is a unique characteristic to the individual, parallels the trace that follows a secret and eventually leads back to the source.


The visitors were invited to pick up a bottle with A4 paper inside and a pen and write a message/ secrets/thoughts/feelings/experiences etc. that relates to whatever community means to them. Then they had to hand the bottle to whomever they choose in the space to repeat the action. Once the paper was filled the last person, who entered their message, had to bring it back to the starting point. The papers were displayed at the end in the gallery space, where the visitors can read the secrets.

This project was made for the Open Warehouse Fountain road in 2015.

The island of Wonder

Sara Karin Fisher & Froso Papadimitriou 


Draw and colour in project for the clients at  Christmas Crisis Homeless shelter 2015.