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froso papadimitriou

'...classically trained, however, an active explorer of boundaries and limitations, my work is a reaction.'  

Froso Papadimitriou was born in Thessaloniki, Greece where she studied applied arts, illustration/sketching, multimedia and graphic design. In 2006 she relocated to London to further her education, completing a BA (Hons) in Fine Art at Middlesex University and an MA in Arts Management and Policy, Curatorial and Educational pathway at Birkbeck University of London.


In her art practice, Froso experiments with multiple art forms such as drawing, painting, sculpture, video and installations. Her work explores the binaries that resonate between the self and its role within social environments. Through observation, personal experiences and testimonies - which arise amidst different social mindsets - the work comments on the isolation of the self from public involvement, whilst increasingly interacting with the greater collective assembly and networks.


Froso has collaborated with national and international galleries in UK, Greece, Turkey, Germany, Finland, Netherlands, France, Italy, USA, Taiwan, Japan, Argentina and Beijing. She has also contributed to various publications in Germany, Argentina, Taiwan, USA, Greece and the UK. Her major shows include: APSF Asia Pacific Science Fiction Convention - Group exhibition by Singularity Gallery, Science and Technology Museum of Beijing, China, ‘Invisible…but omnipresent’, solo exhibition and panel discussion, Deptford Lounge, London, ‘Dada no Dada’ group exhibition at Refugee Museum Thessaloniki, Greece; ‘Tomorrow’s Child’ group exhibition at The House of Parliament London UK;  ‘and with the marks on my hand I will tell you my story…Hajichi’ solo exhibition and residency at Arcade Art studio & Space in Okinawa Japan; ‘Painting and Beyond’ in Taipei Taiwan where she was invited by the National Taiwan Normal University to curate and participate in a show and give series of lectures with artist such as Karin Ruggaber, Chih-Fen Tsai, Lanya Huang and ChingYao Chen amongst others; ‘Telephone: A Global Arts Experiment by Satellite Collective’ a New York based project, for which her work was featured in the New York Times; ‘Secret Art for Syria’, a fundraising event at St Ethelburga's Centre in London, where she exhibited along with Hans Ulrich Obrist and Klaus Pinter; ‘(Im)possible school book: As Found’, for which she contributed to a publication and live event at Tate Modern, London.


Froso has been a resident artist at the Beckenham Mansion studios. She is also the organiser and contributor of ‘Tracing my echo’, a travelling exhibition first presented at Tettix Gallery in Thessaloniki, which then journeyed to Zweigstelle Berlin Gallery in Berlin, One Year Gallery in Taipei, Taiwan and collaborating with artists such as Takahiko Suzuki, Eleanor Havsteen-Franklin, Ting-Ting Chen, Cecilia Mandrile and Hülya Küpçüoğlu.


In addition she has been partnering with Brunswick East for The Exchange project (2015 – 2017), an independent artists’ library and bookstore, collaborating with artists from around the globe, housing works from early career artists to artists whose publications may also be found in Tate Galleries London, Whitechapel gallery, V & A and MOMA New York.

Parallel to her artistic endeavours, Froso organises and curates exhibitions and events at various locations nationally and internationally. She worked as Project manager and Curator at Topolski Century Gallery at South Bank and as an Art Teacher for community workshops. She is Co-Founder & Director of Collaborative Art, an artist run non-profit organisation focusing on collaborative projects, exhibitions and events.


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