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‘Istos Lights’ by Froso Papadimitriou are an exclusive series of table lamps, each one a distinctive signature of the artist, handcrafted in her studios in London UK and in Sitia, a small town in the northeast of Crete in Greece.


The lampshades are made by a combination of eco-friendly polymers and pigments, forming a unique pattern for each lamp.


The material is hand-sewn in original shapes and the lamp bases are mainly sourced by different charities, to support their cause and promote a recycling ethos and they are all electrically tested by them.


The lamps are finished with a certified inner eco-friendly polymer layer complying with the British Standard for Luminaries safety (BS EN 60598-1-2008) and an outer fire-resistant varnish, which makes ‘Istos Lights’ high on the rank of luminaries safety.


To promote energy saving practices LED light bulbs are recommended.

'Istos Lights' are available for whole sale and retail. Commissions for specific colours and shapes are accepted.

above the sea istos lights
ashe istos lights
before the storm istos lights
blood moon istos lights
clouds istos lights
dark woods istos lights
deep waters istos lights
fire istos lights
flame istos lights
forest istos lights
ice istos lights
jupiter istos lights
lava istos lights
magic fungus istos lights
midnight istos lights
monet pond istos lights
moss istos lights
ocean istos lights
sand istos lights
storm istos lights
sunrise istos lights
sunset istos lights
sun istos lights
Turner istos lights
Van Gogh istos lights
volcano istos lights
istos signature.jpg
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dark woods (9).jpg
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deep waters (9).jpg
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fire (9).jpg
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flame (9).jpg
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forest (8).jpg
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midnight (3).jpg
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waterlily pond by Monet (8).jpg
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ocean (5).jpg
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sand (2).jpg
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storm (2).jpg
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The Fighting Temeraire by Turner (8).jpg
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A Wheatfield by Van Gogh (9).jpg
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