…Tell me where you were born and I will tell you your future…

Resin, silicone, thread and paper


Within the current events of conflict and violence, for some children, their future is defined; from the fundamental question of life or death to the complications and potential issues that these children will face during their lives, given they survive the journey to safety. In the last decade there has been an increase of scientific research on immigration, trauma and metal health, which highlights that symptoms of anxiety, depression and more advanced mental conditions can affect children from a very young age, who experience any form of hardship and might not only manifest during the period of their physical immigration but develop and affect their behaviour further in life. 

This sculptural work aims to highlight the detrimental effect the environment and complex family situations have on children’s well-being, and specifically focus on socio-political states of affairs and geographical locations that still determine the future of a child, whilst globalisation and international exchange is at the core of countries economies and development.

The oil price gone up...

fabric, thread, clay, wood, glass, ink, soap, pigment, feather, remembrance poppies


Commenting on the oils wars the poppy, a symbol of the victims of war in the UK, becomes an offering covered with oil along with a white feather, symbol of peace, which has the same fate.


Thread is denoting human lives and the human sacrifice when everything gains a price value in the race for power domination over oil reserves.

Defeated by the humdrum

thread, fabric, old converse and fetus coffins


This is a memorial to unfulfilled dreams.