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Eat eye, fish! Am I dreaming?


Froso Papadimitriou

Video duration 4’:40’’

Starring: Joe Furlong



“Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night” E. A. Poe

But what dreams do they see, Maestro?

Haunted by “ifs” and countless possibilities, one life only is not enough. Missing the moments like the drops of a leaking tap.

I speak, hear nor see no evil because I am not self-aware. Is it beliefs that dictate our lives, or do we command our lives by choosing beliefs?


Being proud of conscious choice, which makes us the ultimate species and justifies our biggest injustices; in a world, where the mask of purpose for fights we don’t understand, confirms our existence. However, we hardly ever question our hospitality to oppressors, exploiters and orchestrators, who are rooting for what we fight against.

Self-absorption over everything, uploaded on an inconceivable system of neurons, deems the passing of time irrelevant. A mere illusion you could say.  

So, do all dreams have the same ending or can I convince you that it was just another bad dream?



Collaborative Art

(Froso Papadimitriou & Jonathan Bradbury)

Staring: Jonathan Bradbury

The cacophony of the external obliterating the presence of isolate. Sanctuary lost to the pervasiveness of others seeking stimulation. Watched and observed, guiding our scrutiny of uncertainty. The insipid nature becoming the soundtrack replacing silence, overwriting solitude.

Self isolation reduced to a fleeting memory through the ignorance of others. Striving to influence our existence via their actions. Avoidance of self and interaction with others becomes the norm in the effort to preserve with the world of non-individualisation, transforming us into statistics, numbers and measurable figures conformed to mass identity.

We seek escape through means available to all yet perceived as unique. We relinquish and hide within spaces only we can discover at the cost of uniformity. Striving to exist, we experience moments of torment and euphoria in equal amounts, discovering aspects of self seen by others.

Personal space shared to the extent that it exists as a fragment to be fought for. This battle however, to be lost, as the sacred is broken through interaction with others. Conceived threats of life changed into perception of need, requiring the last sacrifice to be made and accepted. Mundanity now a sharp edged cocoon from which the only path leading away is through emergency.

Can the choice be made?



Inspired by 'Temporary peace', Fine day to exit Anathema

Written and directed by Froso Papadimitriou
Staring Maria Iskioupi & Giorgos Eleutheroglou
Motion graphics & editing by Giorgos Eleutheroglou 
Lighting & Special effects Lydia Kotini
Music by Anathema, song  title 'Temporary Peace'




Written and directed by Froso Papadimitriou

Camera: Jonathan Bradbury

Video editing: Froso Papadimitriou

Gesumt, was made as a response to Lars Von Trier open call for experimental videos inspired by one or more of his favourite 5 art pieces:

- James Joyce‘s novel, Ulysses

- The Zeppelin field 

- Paul Gauguin‘s painting, Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?

- Sammy Davis Jr‘s. music

- August Strindberg‘s play, The Father.



Jenny Sianou

Dina Sianou and the kids

Francesc Maquede

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